“It’s been a looooong time…

How have you been?
I’ve been really busy being dead. You know… after you murdered me?
Okay, look, we both said a lot of things that you are going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us.
For Science. You monster.”



But better than nothing, right?

Click it. Enjoy it.


Phenomena On Break is about two weeks away from turning three years old. I don’t think I’m too far out of line in saying the place has had a pretty good run. Not to say it hasn’t had its downs (syndrome) from time to time, this period being one of them, but of all the difficulties we’ve faced there have also been shining moments and achievements that I’ve been proud to call possible because of something I envisioned in 2007. From my stint attempting to be a true web cartoonist (wow, a full four comics!) to the day I finally opened my doors and said “Come on in, Gmod,” and proceeded to try my best to welcome any who came in looking for a new home, and through the Team Fortress 2 server, which even if it was underused, it still got its fair share of loving.

However, after some lengthy discussion with Mythos I believe we both came to a consensus without actually having to say it aloud. Although our aspirations and creativity may boil over from time to time, PoB will never be what it was not so long ago. For some, this may be a tough pill to swallow. I know it was when I abruptly halted everything a few months back and I’m certain it still will be today, but as the saying goes “Everything must come to an end.” And then I think I’d probably follow that up with that one quote that I’m piecing together from my failure of a memory about how “When one door closes, a window is left open and the ants get in” or something like that. What I’m trying to say is we may decide that this is at its end but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is the end. I refuse to make promises. I have learned my lesson over the years that promising and hype will get you nowhere in life when you realize you forgot to actually deliver what you got everyone excited about. So, instead, I will say that perhaps when this PoBian door closes, another will open even wider than we could ever hope for. Those of us whose bonds are tied no matter what happens will always remain friends, and remain colleagues, through and through no matter where we’re taken or what comes next.

What comes next, I’m not so sure.

One, if not both, of the domains for Phenomena On Break will be expiring in due time and I don’t plan on renewing them. The forums, of course, will remain open for those who wish to still catch up with old friends but once the domains are gone this will revert to being simply another WordPress blog. You remember how long that thing was?

I’d like, if he would, for Mythos to edit in his own comments on this declaration. I’m sure he has something to say on the matter.


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Poster #2: Loyalists

(Click for higher resolution – 4360×1600px)

I’ve been meaning to make this one for a while now, but I only got the chance today.
Featuring, from left to right: Looshkin, Mythos, SIN2, Gundam_MK2, Arctic Avenger, Chrisordie, SoupForOne. And yes, those are all custom hexes I made for this picture.

This image is dedicated to everyone who’s supported PoB – while the picture only represents six of them (plus me), it’s also a dedication to members such as Lt_Commander, Sheftro, whazat!!, Tsu and HeartAttack, who’ve been a part of the site and helped make it the awesome place it is.

My sincere thanks to all of you. You’re the best.

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Poster #1: Rorschach

Click for higher resolution (1000x1414px)

More to come. I might do a wallpaper version if you guys are interested.
If you like it, share the poster with others, thus helping spread the word about PoB.

Blog Post

I wrote a blog post again. I’m linking it here, feel free to comment there or here – it’s about something actually moderately important, not just emotional bullshit.

sony entertainment center


aight enough of that bullshit I wrote at 2am. Also, regular updates now, so read this shit for quick, emo posts to make you feel better about yourself.

sony entertainment centerAlso, possible comic coming soon. Stay tuned.


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